Causes Supported by Brenda Goodell - Holistic Health Practitioner

In this economy we feel the impulse to band together. Instead of every man for himself, we prefer to share our fiscal abundance. 15% of the session price will go to support one of the following causes:

GroundWork Organizations

The One Hundred Hills Project: Rwanda

She is called Jeanne MUKANTABANA, 43 years old, a Genocide widow. She has 2 out five children are alive and they live close to her (Jeanette 26 years and Alexis 14 years old). She is now breastfeeding her Granddaughter to avoid her being infected since the mother (Jeanette married) lives with AIDS. Jeanette was raped in the 1994 Genocide when she was 12 her mom Jeanne told us.

They live in the miserable life.

This is the house where she lives with her son Alexis. In the night, they sleep in the right room (on the photo) with orange sheeting cover. All these do not discourage Jeanne. She lives hopefully. I had facilitated her with The Work from Byron Katie Inquiry system. Today she has forgiven people who slaughtered her husband including the man with yellow t-shirt and white cap on a scale.

Jeanne is actively participating to the reconstruction of her house. She declared to us that she did not expect to sleep in a safe house one day. She is now lovely after reconciled with people who were her enemies who are now friends. They are also contributing actively to reconstruction.From GO! support of $800 through UPDC, Jeanne's house is under innovation. UPDC members also participate in purchasing construction materials and helping in the construction exercise.

-Costa Ndayisabye, Unity and Peace Building Cooperative

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I personally am going to Rwanda in November to facilitate the Work of Byron Katie with survivors of the genocide. In addition to the 3 day workshop we will be homebuilding for at risk widows like Jeannie.

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The Rock 'n' Roll Camp for Girls

The Rock 'n' Roll Camp for Girls is a Portland Oregon 501(c)3 non-profit, builds girls self-esteem through music creation and performance. Over 50% of summer camp participants are on scholarships. Workshops provide technical training, leadership opportunities and cultivate a supportive community of peers and mentors.

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My daughter has attended this camp the past 3 years and our family is astonished at the transformative experience created at the RRCFG. Last summer, I volunteered for a week of front desk duty during the hottest heat wave in recent history. I witnessed girls from all walks of life come together as interns, participants and teachers gave their all for the love of expression, art and music.

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Super Food Drive

The mission of SuperFood Drive is to provide healthy foods (SuperFoods) to low income communities nation-wide. Through individual participation and community collaboration, SuperFood Drive aims to increase the nutrient-density of foods that are donated in food drives to ensure that all individuals have access to a healthy meal.

Individuals typically respond to food drives by pulling cans from the back of pantries. SuperFood Drive's aim is to provide nutritious SuperFoods to the those who would not otherwise have access to them, and as a result, educate both the individuals donating, and those receiving, about the health benefits of nutrient-dense SuperFoods.

I met the founders of the Super Food Drive in Balboa Park in 2009. I donated some garbanzo bean, quinoa, and almond butter and am so excited to support this organization.

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